Why is there a popup on the site when I've got no signup forms turned on on Klaviyo?

  • 25 April 2022
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So for this client of mine, they have a popup popping up on their site but their sign up form has been turned off on Klaviyo. How tho? Is the popup present on the site from Shopify?


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I’d recommend doing an ‘Inspect’ on the website and then reviewing the code to see where the pop-up is coming from.

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Hi @nambirajanks,

Thanks for sharing this with us. And thank you @Spark Bridge Digital LLC for your helpful insight.

I’d recommend doing an ‘Inspect’ on the website and then reviewing the code to see where the pop-up is coming from.

If your client had previously integrated the same store URL using a different Klaviyo account, another script of our onsite javascript may have been injected onto their site. This script is automatically injected for the major ecommerce platforms and so if someone created more than one Klaviyo account (for testing purpose, for example), used the same store URL, and integrated with a major ecommerce platform, you’d see multiple instances of this script. Each script contains a unique public API key which would still be present on the site. And it’s this script that “powers” our sign-up forms and could be a reason why a pop-up is appearing because this form (say a duplicate or, if a default forms is used) looks like it’s coming from account A but it’s actually live in another account B. (I think this is what @Spark Bridge Digital LLC is alluding to here).

After inspecting the website, have a member of our support team verify that you have the correct public API key present in that script to populate the forms from your client’s desired Klaviyo account. Also have them verify there is only one instance of this script. You could also remedy this by turning the sign-up form to draft mode in the other Klaviyo account. However, in the long-term and for other technical reasons it’s important to only have one snippet of javascript, that will simultaneously solve the problem (if this is indeed the case).

So long story short, your client likely has another Klaviyo account using the same store URL, with a lookalike sign-up form that is currently live and that’s what you’re seeing on the website (rather than a sign-up form from the “main” account).

If none of the above applies, then the form is populating from a 3rd party source and I’d recommend touching base with them for next steps on disabling the form.

I hope that’s helpful.

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This might be a built in pop up form from your store theme. There is a way to actually stop this, but that would be from your theme customization page..