Why isn’t my sign up form showing on my site?

  • 24 November 2020
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If your form is published in Klaviyo but not displaying:

  • Verify that you have the signup form code snippet installed on your site.
  • If you’re using an embedded form, verify that you have the embed code installed on your site.
  • Verify that your site is live.
  • Check the Behaviors tab in the Signup Form Builder to ensure that the form is configured to display on the URL that you are viewing.
  • Make sure you’re not using Internet Explorer. New signup forms won’t appear on Internet Explorer.
  • Re-run the test in incognito/private browsing mode in a new window. It may be that you have already closed the popup, which is why it isn’t displaying again. We cookie browsers for 2 years, so once someone closes a popup, they won’t see the same popup again for another 2 years (unless they clear their cookies).

5 replies

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Ad blockers and Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials can prevent forms from showing up, too.  I just learned that. :wink:


I can’t seem to locate the “Behaviors tab in the Signup Form Builder”

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Hi @Meher,

The first image below will be what you see when you create a new signup form and choose a template.

Afterwards, you should see targeting and behavior as a tab. If you are unable to find these options, please refer to our documentation. If these options are not showing up to you at all, I would advise reaching out to our support team so that they can fix whatever bug might be on your account.


Hi, I’ve done everything I could, but it’s still not working. 

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Hi there @JamesGu,

Thanks for posting your reply with photos. Can you go into more detail regarding what error you are running into? I can see that you have found the “targeting and behaviors” tab but would love to know more about the specific error(s) you are running into with that signup form.