Woocommerce Unique Code with Expiry Date

  • 22 March 2022
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In my signup form, I want to give a code that is unique to each signup. So there is little chance of them sharing with others. I want to create a unique code, with 1 time usage, with 10 days expiry for each new signup user. Supposed the each unique code is sent exclusively to each new signup, after bulk upload, what property tag should i include in my email template so that the system can auto grab a unique code from the bulk coupon list? 

How do I create like a 10 days expiry date to each unique code sent? Suppose I have a 1000 list, do I create 1000 unique code? Sounds very tedious. 


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Hey @DLGR 

Thank you so much for coming to the Klaviyo Community for help with using Woocommerce coupons in Klaviyo.

So either inside WooCommerce or a third party app you will have to generate as many unique codes as you think you will need plus extra just incase you see a spike in signups. On WooCommerce you will have the opportunity to set restrictions for the coupons that includes an expiration date. Once the coupon is created, you can use the coupon codes on Klaviyo once you upload them via a CSV file. When uploading the CSV file of codes you will have another opportunity to set an expiration date, The syntax you use in your email template will depend on what you call the coupon but will look something like this {% coupon_code 'CouponName' %} and when sent a unique coupon code will be assigned to your customer as a custom profile property.

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Our Klaviyo Toolkit plugin supports dynamic generation of coupon codes with expiration dates for Klaviyo with WooCommerce. 


You can read about how it works and how to set it up here: