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  • 8 February 2024
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I’m new to Klaviyo but not to Wordpress. I was able to add the code to my site, got the pop up working and was able to embed a form on a blog post a few weeks ago.

Right now I’m stuck because I’m trying to set up a page with a sign up form. I want to create a QR code that will take people to this page on my website to sign up. But for some reason the embed form isn’t showing when I view the page.

I made sure the form was set to everyone, even tried viewing incognito but it’s just not showing. I went back to the blog post I did a few weeks ago that I was able to embed and made sure I was using the same widget. I even made a clone of that sign up form so that I would know it’s all exactly the same. But it won’t show on the page.

What am I missing?


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Hi there @annagraf


Welcome to the Community! Great troubleshooting steps so far, happy to help! 


When you say you made sure you were using ‘the same widget’ do you mind clarifying what you mean? The div code you embed on this page of your website should be specific to each form. If you are sure you are using the div code matching the embed you want to show, I’d try these additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Investigate to ensure that the URL that your QR code sends you to is exactly matching the page of your website you want your new embed form to show
  • Inspect the page source of this page of your website and make sure you see the <div code> embedded in your page’s backend.
  • Can anyone else use the QR code and see the form on your website’s page? Additionally, to an incognito browser, I’d try different devices and browsers to ensure this is an overall issue.


If you have made sure all of these things are working correctly, do you mind sending the URL of this page of the website? 


Thank you for participating in the Community! 


Hey there,


I have the same issue - except I don’t want to use a QR-code.

So the embed simply doesn’t show on the page.

I tried cloning the form, I tried to look incognito on different devices, I tried to put the 2 different forms onto the page so the div code is different, and I saw that the div codes are in the page inspect code of the backend.

I’m using squarespace and I can add a simple block to the page for embedding code, that’s what I did. 

Actually the form first did show, but when I tested it it didn’t show anymore. 

I put the view for all visitors though. 

And after cloning, the second form never showed, so also not once for testing. 


Hope you can help. 

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Hi there @dorienjooken


I would also ensure you don’t have important tags in the backend of your site that could be conflicting with displaying the form! I answered a similar question in another thread below that might be helpful!