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  • 31 March 2022
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The goal is to have users enter there address. Part of this is including a pre-populated where the “State” field of the address is a drop down. What is the best way to handle collecting addresses in sign up forms?


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Hi there @Saf,

Welcome to the Community.

As a note, people who do not have access to your Klaviyo account cannot view links or anything related to your own account. For that reason, I have deleted your link.

To answer your question, the best way to collect addresses in a signup form is just to create a multi step form which has a step where you can gather address information.


Thank you!

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Hi Alex, 

What do you mean the link is deleted? The process flow is that when someone enters information into the sign up form referred to as: CXT Signup Form (Mother's Day) the informatin is sent to the email address listed as the “Send To” address which is

The recipients of this email are saying they never received the confirmation email to opt-in as described in this article:

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Hi @Saf,

You posted a link that nobody else could access besides those who have ownership in your account. So I have deleted it not to confuse others. 

You could add an additional step to your current signup form to collect addresses. Can you confirm that your emails are set to double and not single opt in? Also in your flow analytics, are you seeing that emails are not being sent or are customers responding that they have not received emails.

Here are some links to guides related to the double opt in process:
Guide to Understanding Opt-in Related Pages for a List

Guide to the Double Opt-In Process