Device Optimization for Signup Forms

  • 22 October 2020
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Since cellphones and mobile devices have become more prominent in our daily lives, shopping online has become easier now more than ever, as it can be done on the go from virtually anywhere. However, optimizing for the mobile experience can be a tough issue to tackle, since browsers really only accommodate for one format - the portrait view. Having a vertical form can be difficult to click and type on, and it can also be hard to read.

Here’s an example of what a landscape form looks like on both Desktop and Mobile:




Klaviyo’s signup form editor allows you to design device specific forms under the Behaviors tab.



In contrast, here’s a more mobile optimized version:



FUN TIP: if you want to see how it looks on your device, publish the form on a URL handle that you know is not necessarily a handle someone would visit, such as /test


For further reading on optimizing your signup form experience, check out this detailed guide.
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