Why Is Embed form not working?

  • 9 April 2022
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Hi - I currently have an active pop up form on my website that is working fine, but have gone to create an embed form that won’t publish as it says that sign up forms are not successfully installed.


I have checked other threads and made sure that my website is only associated with 1 Klaviyo account,  but I can’t figure out why else this is happening? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!




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2 replies

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Welcome to the Community! Happy to help here! 


Great investigation so far on making sure that there aren’t duplicate java scripts on your site as you’re right, this can impair an embed form’s function and keep it from displaying successfully. Can you confirm that you have posted the embed code in the form builder onto your site, as seen below, as noted in our documentation? Embed forms are a little different than our pop up or flyout forms as you need to actually install another bit of code into your website’s source code to make it appear. 



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Hi , 


Thanks for your patience in all this! After conferring with my colleagues, it was confirmed that this was in fact a bug in the system, and has since been resolved as of this morning!