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I’m working on adding an SMS branch to our abandon cart flow and I am not seeing where to add the link to return them to their cart from the text…. will this auto populate? When I send a preview text to myself there is no link but not sure if that’s because I don’t have a cart to preview?


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Hi there @AK7,

Welcome to the Community!

Abandoned Cart SMS messages are a little different from emails.

Adding a link to your SMS Flow would be setup within the flow itself. You can populate a dynamic cart link in your SMS abandonment flow the same way you would for email. For a Shopify integration, the tag {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} should populate the dynamic link for a flow triggered by the Checkout Started event. When using a link shortener, this dynamic link will be shortened in the final send.

In an email, you can reflect every item the customer abandoned at checkout. In an SMS message, you can only show one dynamic image. So, you can add in the image of the first item in the event data by replacing the dynamic image placeholder you have with this dynamic event variable here: {{ event.Items.0.FirstImageURL }}

Note, I found this dynamic event variable in the event data showing in the right-hand panel (preview event info).

Once added, we can see an image of one of the products the customer abandoned:
Learn more here:
How to Add SMS Messages to Your Abandoned Cart Flow
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What about for Big Commerce? Where do we pull the tag that will populate the dynamic link?

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Your team would likely also need to use BigCommerce's API to dynamically generate the link you would be passing in the custom Started Checkout event:
Kindly note that Klaviyo does not currently offer services to help build out custom code, nor do we provide support for custom code troubleshooting. However, as mentioned in the community post, we do have a partner program where you may be able to find some assistance:
There is also the app by ArticLeaf mentioned in the post which adds cart rebuilding functionality:


@alex.hong the URL you provided is for abandoned checkout not abandoned cart. Can you provide abandoned cart URL?

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Hey @jeynon,

I think the confusion here is that often times an abandoned cart and abandoned checkout are used interchangeably. I believe the key to understanding this though depends entire on the trigger of the flow - either an Add to Cart event or a Started Checkout event.

The difference here is based on the event and behavior themselves. The Started Checkout event, which is triggered when a customer is cookied reaches their checkout page or if a non-cookied user enters their contact information and proceeds through the checkout process. From the information collected, a unique checkout URL is synced as part of the Started Checkout event which stores all of the customer and product information.,

On the other hand, the Add to Cart event is triggered whenever a cookied user clicks on the add to cart button on a product page. This means every product a customer visits and click on the add to cart button would trigger an Add to Cart event. Unlike the Started Checkout event, carts are stored locally via cookies - not via a unique checkout session. 

Because of these differences, to truly rebuild a visitor’s cart, you’ll oftentimes need the help of a third party tool that manage the cart and can create a unique session that users can return to. 

However, if you were just looking for a link to direct your customers back to their cart, you can always redirect your customers back to the their generic cart page with a link such as - or whatever URL your store directory is setup for the cart page. Keep in mind that this would not always accurately rebuild the users cart though since the cart page is cookied based. 




That’s super helpful. Can you recommend some of those third-party tools that might be able to accomplish this? 

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Hey @jeynon,

If you’re on BigCommerce, I would suggest taking a look at Arctic Leaf which was previously recommended by @alex.hong in this thread.

I would also suggest taking a look through our Klaviyo Partner Directory where you’ll find a number of third-party tools and apps that have developed their own connection to Klaviyo. 



I’m on Shopify @David To 

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i’ve tried to add {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} to my sms message but I have an error message saying the syntax is not correct….

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Hey @sophieduer! For something so specific to your account, I’d suggest opening a Support ticket to investigate why that might be happening. They’ll be able to kick around the tires and figure it out.