Can I change the sms re-subscribe messaging?

  • 11 October 2022
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your sms resubscribe message which cannot be changed is asking people to reply with “unstop” with the double quotes around the unstop.  Users are replying with exactly “unstop” with the double quotes and they are not able to resubscribe because that is obviously the wrong trigger word.


Can you add “unstop” with the double quotes as a trigger or remove the double quotes from the wording so it doesn’t confuse people?


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3 replies

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Hi there @auraglee


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While it’s impossible to change the phrasing of those unsubscribe messages, and take off the apostrophes from the word unstop, as that phrasing from the cell carrier themselves, you could target these SMS unsubscribes with a form letting them know how to re-subscirbe if they want to. You could create a segment of uses with this condition > What they Have/Haven’t Done > Unsubscribed from SMS and then only have the form display to this certain segment every 30 days or and let these users know to text back without apostrophes in order to receive SMS marketing from your brand again. 


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you want us to SMS people who have unsubscribed asking them to re-subscribe?

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Hi @auraglee


Happy to clarify again! 


My workaround solution was to segment these users and display a form to them when they visit your site - letting them know how to resubscribe via SMS if they ever wanted to and having it display periodically to them. 


Hope that is easier to understand!