Can I Reply through sms and with local phone number?

  • 5 October 2022
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  • Is it possible to reply to a customer query via sms?
  • Is it possible to send sms using a local (not default toll-free) phone number?
  • Is there any additional cost involved?

Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 6 October 2022, 20:30

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4 replies

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Hi @ratul14april


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help!


Yes, you can definitely reply to a customer who has texted you! I’d recommend checking out our helpful documentation on SMS conversations to gain more insight. While, you do  have the option to pick your own number if you choose a vanity code for SMS sending, rather than a short code and a toll free number, unfortunately we are not able to provide local numbers as we are only able to port in local number. 


Additionally, our documentation goes over sending number costs as well, however it can be broken up to what you see below: 

  • Toll free numbers: $0 (included in free and paid plans)
  • Short Code: $650 monthly (only for paid plans)
  • Vanity Number: US - $1,150 monthly & Canada - $1,000 monthly (only for paid plans)

Finally, I’d check out our inclusive Getting Started with SMS documentation that will walk you through everything you need to know about SMS as well as checking out these additional resources below:



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Thank you for your answer. You mentioned about porting in local numbers. If I port in a local number, can I send sms via that number? Also is there a limit of numbers for porting in?


And, I am still not clear if I can answer a customer query using my smartphone’s messaging apps. Is it possible if I port in a local number?


I really appreciate your effort.

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Hi @ratul14april


Thanks for the additional clarification!


Upon further investigation, you can  port a number to Klaviyo, you'll need to initiate the request in-app on your SMS Settings page, following these directions. Once requested, you'll be emailed a form to provide additional detail to our SMS Compliance team. Someone from that team will then follow up to carry out the application with you!


You can only use our two-way messaging services in our Klaviyo account on a desktop or tablet, you cannot do so on your phone. Check out  this document to learn how to get started. 


Hope this helps!


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This is eye opening… Thanks a lot @Taylor Tarpley