Can we please store SMS consent in non-supported regions?

  • 16 March 2023
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Use case: in a non-Klaviyo supported SMS regions, I have an SMS app that stores consent and can receive profile data from Klaviyo (although not the other way around). 

I use Justuno to collect the email (which goes into Klaviyo), and the SMS (which goes into SMSBump). 

Q: can we please update Klayio’s interface so that we can store mobile numbers, SMS consent and list subscriptions in non-supported regions. Even though we can’t send the SMS from Klaviyo. Not having this makes for a very disjointed experience and lots of data-wrangling to make profiles match in both the SMS platform and Klaviyo.

1 reply

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Hello @matthewstuckings,

Great suggestion! 

I believe this sentiment has been shared with our product team prior. I’ll certainly add your use case and feedback to the existing notes for our colleagues.

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!