Clarification Needed: Business Category for SMS Use

  • 15 April 2024
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Hello Klaviyo Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out for some guidance and clarification regarding the use of SMS services with Klaviyo. My brand, which specializes in underwear and accessories, seems to have encountered a limitation regarding the use of SMS features within Klaviyo. According to the platform's policies, SMS is not supported for brands in certain prohibited industries, including sex, hate, firearms, and tobacco.

I want to emphasize that my company operates solely within the fashion and personal accessories sector, focusing on providing high-quality underwear and accessories. Our products and brand messaging are centered around style, comfort, and inclusivity, with no content or connotation related to the prohibited industries listed by Klaviyo.

Given this, I am seeking advice on how to resolve this misunderstanding so that we can utilize SMS marketing to engage with our customers effectively. Has anyone here faced a similar situation, or could offer insight into how to address this with the Klaviyo team, especially considering the limitations of the free plan, which restricts direct contact through chat or email support?

I believe SMS marketing is a vital tool for connecting with our audience and enhancing our marketing strategies, and any assistance or guidance on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and help.

Best regards, Oleh Savchuk

Owner, The Gay Fashion Palace


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Hey there @ArtOlo! Can you be more specific about what limitation you’re experiencing and how it was communicated to you?


I will also check internally for you on what options you have. 


Hello @kaila.lawrence,

Thank you for your prompt response and willingness to assist. To provide more specificity regarding the limitation I'm facing: upon attempting to set up an SMS campaign for The Gay Fashion Palace, I encountered a message indicating "Restrictions on SMS Content." This message highlights that SMS carriers strictly prohibit any mention of cannabis, CBD, hemp, or 420 in messages. While I understand the importance of complying with carrier filtering policies, my brand operates exclusively within the fashion and personal accessories sector, focusing on high-quality underwear and accessories. Our brand and products are centered around promoting style, comfort, and inclusivity, without any connection to the prohibited industries or products mentioned by Klaviyo.

This limitation was communicated to me directly within the Klaviyo platform interface when I tried to initiate the SMS campaign setup. It appears to be a general caution or a policy-related message rather than a specific action taken against my account. However, it has raised concerns about potential restrictions on our ability to engage in SMS marketing due to a possible misclassification of our brand.

Given the nature of our products and brand messaging, I am seeking guidance on how to clarify our position with Klaviyo and ensure we can utilize SMS marketing effectively. Any insights on the steps we can take or how to address this misunderstanding with the Klaviyo team, especially in light of communication limitations due to the free plan, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you once again for looking into this for us. Your support is invaluable as we aim to navigate this challenge and continue connecting with our customers through effective marketing strategies.

Best regards, Oleh Savchuk Owner, The Gay Fashion Palace

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@ArtOlo For sure! I opened a Support ticket on your behalf for the team to look into more closely. You should expect to hear from them shortly :) 


thank you so much


Unfortunately no one contacted me. Its time to move somewhere else. This is ridiculous not to have an option to contact support team

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@ArtOlo I can see the Support team replied to you on Thursday 4/19. Can you double check your inbox/spam folders for something from Klaviyo Compliance? If you don’t see it, shoot me an email at and I can forward it to you.