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  • 28 July 2021
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Looking to add a click to text email banner within our welcome series, but with the limitation to the Click-to-Text links in that they are not supported by all applications (for example Gmail and Outlook), so those users will not be able to click on them, is there a way to reach those using those applications? 


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3 replies

Badge +2  thank you! My next question is when you text that number, is it supposed to automatically send you a confirmation text or where do you set that up? Do you need to create a new flow for that

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Hey @j.singler,

This would all depend on your list’s opt-in settings and if it were set to be either double or single opt-in. If the list linked to your subscribe keyword is set to be double opt-in, upon texting the subscription keyword to your sending number, Klaviyo will automatically follow up with a confirmation text requesting the recipient confirm their subscription to provide SMS consent and join the list. Since this confirmation SMS is being sent from Klaviyo for consent purposes, you would not need to create a new flow as Klaviyo will take care of providing this opt-in SMS.

To learn more about the opt-in process, I would suggest taking a look at the Guide to The Double Opt-In Process and How to Add, Update, or Delete Custom Keywords Help Center articles which goes over the double opt-in process and how to update your list settings.



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Hello @j.singler,

Great question!

Despite inbox providers such as Gmail and Outlook not supporting click-to-text links, your recipients would still have the capability to text your SMS number provided manually to consent to SMS. For this reason we recommend having your banner relay a broad message such as “Text “Join” to 1XXXXXXXXX”. This way even if a customer is viewing your email on either a desktop device or on a mobile device that does not support the click-to-text functionality, they would still be left with an option to manually consent to SMS through manually navigate to their text messaging app and text your number to subscribe.

To set up a click-to-text banner, I would suggest taking a look at the Click-to-Text Email Banners section of the Guide to Collecting SMS Consent Help Center Article. 

I would also love to hear other strategies used by other fellow Community members in how they go about collecting SMS consent or other work arounds they have to Gmail’s and Outlook’s limitations.

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member!