Does anyone have any examples of click-to-text email banners for SMS consent?

  • 31 August 2021
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Hey everyone! 

I’m looking to use click-to-text banners to capture SMS consent through our emails, and I am having trouble finding any examples online. I was wondering if any of you came across any examples?

I know that it’s as simple as a text box in terms of look, but I was wondering if anyone played around with copy / design and can show some examples :)

Thanks in advance.


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Hey @CemY 

Thank you so much for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community for inspiration on Click to Text Email Banners and capturing SMS consent! I hope I can help facilitate a great discussion on this with the entire Community! 

As you said in your original post, the click to text email banner is a text box, but it does have multiple design elements you can edit. 

In addition under the Block Styles tab, you can edit the block background and text settings, and it’s also where you can choose what kind of device the block is shown on! Which you’ll want to do for your mobile customers!

I know that these are not the examples you asked for, but I hope i gave some clarity to others in the community who are just starting their journey to capture SMS Consent I think @CemY  and I would love to hear from our Community members who have already implemented this into their own content and share your best practices on copy/design for click to text email banners!