Email marketing for cannabis in Canada

  • 20 February 2022
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does Klaviyo support email marketing for cannabis retailers in Canada? as it is federally legal there? and what about SMS?


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3 replies

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Yes, you can go ahead and make a campaign to your subscriber 

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Hey @mazerd,

Just for some additional clarification on top of what @Global_sale1 had mentioned, although you can send emails related to cannabis products in Canada, the same is not true for SMS. As @wei.he had mentioned in our recent AMA: Don't Be Left on Read:

Are there any industries that can’t use SMS?( I.e. CBD and SHAFT)”

Wei:  Yes! It’s important to note that different regions have different regulations, however, cannabis is an industry that is restricted internationally. Engaging in fraud, phishing or sending of sensitive data will result in account suspension and is strictly prohibited. Anything of a pornographic nature is also heavily restricted as well. 


This is also mentioned in our Age-Gating Content for SMS in the US and Canada Help Center article:

CBD/Cannabis and/or related vaping and paraphernalia - Prohibited globally including the US and CA


I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the info