Is a Suppressed Profile part of the "existing Profile" in sign up form targeting?

  • 29 September 2023
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Hi, I just wanted to get clarity on the above.


I have a new SMS sign up form that I want to only show to my current email subscribers and exclude SMS subscribers.


I’m asking because there’s an option in Sign up form Targeting that says: Show to any existing profile


And I’m not sure if that includes the suppressed profile?


Here’s my current set up:


This is the targeting I thought of for my new SMS sign up
This is the definition of my “Email Subscribers” segment which are all not suppresed


Thank you for any clarification!


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 29 September 2023, 22:28

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Hi there @krmq


This is a great question, happy to help! 


So the definition of an ‘existing profile’ deals with whether a profile is known in Klaviyo, or cookied. So if a user is suppressed, they would still be counted as an existing profile regardless of consent status as they are still a ‘known’ profile vs unknown. 


So depending on whether you wanted to target them or avoid them, I would create a segment of Suppressed users to use in your behaviors tab accordingly.


I also wanted to ask why you are labeling your Email subscribers segment as anyone who isn’t suppressed instead of specifically using  your Main Subscriber list to target those who have consented to receive email from you? It should be noted that an active profile hasn’t explicitly consented to receive marketing content. 


Finally, as you’re gaining SMS subscribers, I would check out these additional resources as well!


Thanks for participating in the Community!