Klaviyo Popup integration with PostScript

  • 11 October 2023
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Hi, I have a Klaviyo Desktop pop-up form that I thought I integrated with Post script following these guides:






It wasn't clear what I will put in my Call to Action Button but I'm directing it to my SMS Klaviyo List (Although after testing this List does not populate with the new mobile signup).


I didn't check the SMS Consent as this will not allow me to publish the form since I'm not using Klaviyo SMS feature.


I tested this pop-up and my mobile number was subscribed to Postscript (after I replied Y). 


Here are my questions:

1. How do I track the signup rate for Email and SMS?
- I see in Klaviyo that my form did not reflect the email and mobile number signup rate. So I'm not sure how I will track it??
- Here's a snip of my form showing 0% signup rate although I signed up with my email and mobile number
- I turned it off since I don’t know how to track the sign ups
2. Why did my new mobile number not reflect in my Klaviyo profile? Is there a workaround?
- I have a different mobile number which was saved in Klaviyo after purchase. 
- Now, I tested my Klaviyo pop-up and signed up with a new number, but my new mobile did not change with the one I just signed up.
Please help. My goal is to create a Klaviyo popup that integrates well with Postscript where I can see my signup rates to monitor.
Thank you!

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Hi there @krmq


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


If you’re receiving an SMS from postscript to confirm your subscription to the number you gave in the klaviyo form, that does indicate that the form is properly working and consent is being sent to Postscript vs staying in Klaviyo.


Do you mind confirming a couple things for me? First, can you confirm  that you have chosen and email list for your email to be added to? Additionally, have you tested this form multiple times and can confirm that each time you give your email and SMS number, the signup rate is still 0%?


It is possible that if you are not checking the ‘SMS consent’ box in your Klaviyo form, as Postscript’s documentation advises, that the number you give in the Klaviyo form therefore isn’t added to your Klaviyo profile, but instead pulling the number associated with your profile after purchase. I am going to investigate this further and  confirm with a team member and get back to your with a solution!


Thank you for participating in the Community!


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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley so helpful!

I did your recommendations and voila! 


My Klaviyo popup works! Email address went to Klaviyo and mobile number went to Postscript.


My question now is, how do I track the signup rate for SMS?