"MESSAGE NOT RECEIVED" Response from Klaivyo SMS

  • 1 February 2024
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I recently set up a new flow + separate segment list to run a holiday-related SMS campaign using a flow. The flow is triggered by submitting your number through a specific sign-up form followed by the conditional split of sending a trigger word. 

When people are inputting their numbers they are added to the list but after texting through the trigger word are receiving a “MESSAGE NOT RECEIVED” response.  I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as our other flows work totally fine. This is the first SMS flow I’ve created from scratch. 


Conditional split is set up as follows:

Person Has “Sent SMS”

where “message body”


at least once



Thanks so much! 




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6 replies

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Hey there, @OF OTHER WORLDS!


It sounds like there might be two things going on here. Is the issue that they’re receiving an error when replying with a keyword, or that the flow itself isn’t working?

  • Is your list single or double opt-in?
  • Is this a custom keyword or a subscribe keyword that is returning this error?
  • Which keyword, specifically is the problem?
  • Can you show me your custom keywords modal in Settings > SMS > Automations so I can take a closer look?


  • double opt in 
  • it’s the custom keyword creating the error
  • the keyword is “LOVE”. For reference, I’m trying to create a V-Day specific flow where texting LOVE will send the customer a specific valentine’s day text. The signup-form is connected to a separate SMS list from my regular SMS list and while signups allow people to enter the flow texting the keywork “LOVE” returns the error message rather than beginning th text chain 
  • The only custom keyword I have is JOIN which allows people to subscribe to the main list


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Okay! Is JOIN a subscribe keyword or a custom keyword? And does that keyword work as expected?


Secondly, can you please show me a screenshot of your custom keywords modal in Settings > SMS > Automations?





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@OF OTHER WORLDS, based on what you showed me above, there is no keyword set for “LOVE”, which is why the default error message is returning.  Follow the steps in the guide below to create that keyword and then you should be all set!