Need solution to receive MMS (image+video) from subscribers

  • 24 September 2022
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We have a ported toll-free number (US+CA) and need to be able to receive images and videos from our subscribers. I’ve been searching desperately for a solution with no luck! Any ideas on how to work around this? I tried using the Zendesk integration (long shot), have researched toll-free text forwarding… Currently running in circles finding no solutions. Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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Hey @brit,

Great question!

At present, MMS responses to SMS/MMS you’ve sent aren’t supported through our Klaviyo conversations. Great attempt at using our Zendesk integration to mitigate this! Unfortunately, alongside Zendesk, our Gorgias integration would have similar troubles receiving MMS responses. 

One workaround I’m aware of in order to receive an MMS response is being provided a link/URL of the media source. Because the link/URL would be responding as a normal SMS, you’ll be able to receive it under conversations and navigate to the link/URL to see the full media. Depending on what it is you were trying to achieve, in some cases, I’ve seen users set up some comprehensive SMS keywords which instructs users to upload their media to a hosting provider and respond with the sharable URL. 

Thinking further on this, you can potentially setup an SMS keywords that providers your users a hosting link in order for your recipients to upload their media which would be directly accessible to you too.

I hope this helps!


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I need a solution to receive MMS (image+video) from subscribers too!

I see your solution of setting up “comprehensive SMS keywords which instructs users to upload their media to a hosting provider and respond with the sharable URL.”

Unsure which hosting provider would be best right now - ie google drive? - but whatever a subscriber uploads would be hard to link back to them… No idea who shared what pic etc. Wouldn’t work if you are using this to say get a before picture x date and later a after picture.. 

Is there a better or more seamless option as it’s a year later?

Is easily receiving MMS on your radar to implement asap? Is there timeline for this?

I need this ONE feature.

I’d like to stay with Klaviyo for this - and have my emails and sms easily linked - but almost all other SMS platforms I’ve spoken to offer the ability to easily receive mms/photos… and they’re either comparable in price or cheaper. 

I’m shocked you don’t offer this yet.

Thank you for any and all help and seriously considering this if it’s not on your near term priority list! 

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Hey @MercedesP!  I’m stepping in for David here.


As far as a hosting provider goes, I believe David meant a provider on your subscribers’ end, not necessarily something you own and set up for this purpose. Imgur and Flickr are great free options, but Google Photos, Dropbox, Imgbox, and others would work as well. Your subscriber would upload their media and send you back the sharable, public link. All you’d have to do is direct them to it and give them link return instructions. 


As far as receiving MMS goes, unfortunately there is no timeframe for making this feature available. However, I can confirm it is already in the backlog as a feature request and I have added your comments as well. When this feature gets prioritized I will come back with an update! 😁