New SMS subscriber flow not working - coupon text not sending

  • 23 August 2023
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I have a coupon for free shipping I want to send via SMS when someone signs up for the SMS list (it is set to double opt in).

I made a sign up form for the website and a flow series. The trigger is “when someone signs up for SMS Subscribers” and there is one SMS message containing a short message and coupon code. 

When I publish the form and flow series the form works and the user receives the double opt in texts, however, they are not receiving the flow coupon text.

How can I fix this?


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Hey @wczee, it’s possible that your current opt-ins didn’t reply Y to the confirmation text to then officially opt into your SMS communications. How many opt-ins have you had so far for your account and was it working with your own phone number when testing?

As one option to test, are you seeing any data appear for the metric ‘Subscribed to SMS Marketing’? You can find that under the Analytics → Metrics section in Klaviyo.

That’ll be super telling to see if anyone should have come into the flow. And would you be able to take a screenshot of your SMS flow trigger and filters, that’ll help narrow down any issues there as well!