Please stop deleting SMS conversations for merged accounts

  • 1 November 2023
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Hi there, 

Can Klaviyo please stop deleting SMS conversations for profiles that were merged manually or automatically?

I have reported this situation several times and every time I was told “it was going to be looked into” but, of course nothing happened. You have a customer that subscribes to a list via SMS, they send SMS then make an order on the website.

After the order is made, Klaviyo automatically merges the profile (based on the phone number) then poof! Their SMS conversation magically disappears and you can’t get in touch via SMS (unless you create a campaign?! just for this individual).

This is just one example.

Profiles can be merged manually and automatically by Klaviyo and every time this happens, their SMS conversations disappear from the conversations page and the only way to check the history is to spend a lot of time analyzing tens of not hundreds of activities on their profiles. But even if you do that, there’s no easy way to reply to their texts. You would have to create separate campaigns for every case when this happens.

4 replies

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Hi there @Catalin


Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


I am deeply sorry you have had such a frustrating experience with sharing this issue with our team! 


I can see that you are in contact with a member of our Support team who is relaying your situation to a specialist to find a solution for you. 


Again, thank you for sharing your feedback that what’s happening isn’t ideal and has been negatively impacting you. 


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Sorry to bring up an old topic, but as it seems the issue is still present to this day. Conversations for profiles that Klaviyo merges automatically are still deleted and we can’t get in touch with that person unless they send another SMS.

This is very frustrating for both us and the client and in some cases results in us losing money because we can’t follow up with that person.

I reported this issue again today and I was informed that the original ticket I made several months ago is still pending without any real progress on it. This is very disappointing.

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Hey there, @Catalin! Can you DM me your ticket number so I can follow up on this and see what I can do to escalate?  

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@kaila.lawrence Thanks. DM sent.