Setting up SMS for Flows

  • 26 April 2022
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How to set SMS for different flows


Best answer by Dov 27 April 2022, 19:54

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Well setting SMS for different flow is actually a simple task all you have to do is set a trigger option for it. If you want i can put you through on this.

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I want to knw how to campaign SMS consent.

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Ya sure please

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Hi @sachin16,

Thanks for sharing this question with us. And thank you @twjcbs, for generously offering to assist with the implementation.

You may find it helpful to review our help center documentation on collecting and using SMS consent. This article walks you through how to collect subscribers’ consent and how to use it to send to your subscribers using Klaviyo flows and campaigns. We have a more comprehensive guide on collecting SMS consent here as well as a guide on setting up an SMS welcome series here. Additionally, you can learn how to add an SMS action to a flow here

I also recommend you attend Klaviyo’s live trainings on SMS! Whether you’re looking to learn something new or expand upon existing knowledge, these trainings have been incredibly helpful for our community members looking to learn more about SMS.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being members of our community!

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Thank you Dov