SMS availability in the UK?

  • 1 April 2021
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Hi there,

Great annoucement about SMS this week - is the SMS functionality now available in the UK?




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Hi @meets,

We do not currently support SMS outside of the US. SMS functionality within the UK is on our product roadmap; unfortunately, I can’t give a specific timeline at the moment.

“Currently, SMS and MMS messages in Klaviyo can only be sent to U.S. numbers and you can only collect SMS consent from U.S. phone numbers. You cannot collect consent from/send texts to Canada, Puerto Rico, or other numbers.”



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Hey, given the changes to apples privacy this week, SMS is going to be even more crucial in our marketing strategy. Can you give a firmer timeline on when it will be ready for UK clients? If you can’t, I think there might be a fair few of us who will jump ship to a platform that offer it. 

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Hello @Chloe_allplants,

Although the team at Klaviyo doesn’t have any updates yet on when SMS will become available in the UK. Echoing @caroline, it is on the Klaviyo product roadmap and we do plan on releasing this feature in the UK in the near future. We’ll also be sure to follow up in this thread when Klaviyo’s SMS feature does grow beyond the US market and expands to the UK. 

In the interim, you can certainly continue using Klaviyo for all email marketing purposes and your desired SMS client which is supported in the UK for SMS marketing until Klaviyo’s SMS feature becomes available in the UK. 

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!


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Hello @Chloe_allplants,

Just wanted to circle back to this post and provide an exciting update!

As of today, SMS within the UK is available! You can read up on our product launch recap in the following Community post with the relevant links needed to set up SMS within the UK!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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This is awesome news - thanks David!!

This is great - thank you! 


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This is great news. Does this mean UK clients will get a UK SMS number? I’m really looking forward to this feature!


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Hey @HelenD76,

Great question here!

Due to regulatory differences, instead of provisioning you with a UK SMS number, Klaviyo will provide you with a free alphanumeric number which is similar to a SMS number. You can learn more about these differences and how to set up your alphanumeric number to begin sending in the UK from the following Help Center articles: