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  • 1 February 2023
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Hi everyone,

Is there any other way to use Klaviyo SMS for a country where the service is not available? 

I’m trying to integrate SMS to our automation flow but unfortunately the Klaviyo SMS service is not available in my region. 

Any recommended third party integrations or other ways to link the Klaviyo? 


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3 replies

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Hello @Gearup,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Unfortunately, you would not be able to use Klaviyo’s SMS feature in countries/regions we don’t support SMS. You can find a list of countries that Klaviyo supports SMS from our Where is Klaviyo SMS available? Help Center article. 

If you wanted to send SMS to customers in a region that’s not supported by Klaviyo, you’ll actually want to use a separate SMS service provider.

Although Klaviyo’s support for SMS is only limited to select regions, we are expanding this feature globally. You can expect announcements both within the platform and via email whenever new regions become available.

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!



Hey @Gearup , I think the only real solution for this is going to be Oporoo. It hooks into your Klaviyo flows and will allow you to send SMS to anyone in over 100 or so countries.
Hope this helps!


Klaviyo SMS is a service that is currently only available in certain countries, and it may not be available in some countries where you are interested in using it. However, there are a few potential workarounds that you could explore:

  1. Use a different SMS service: There are many SMS services available that may be available in your country, and you could explore using one of these services instead of Klaviyo SMS.

  2. Use a virtual phone number: You could potentially use a virtual phone number that is registered in a country where Klaviyo SMS is available. This would allow you to use the service as if you were located in that country.