SMS Flow - 1min delay on welcome series initial text

  • 18 September 2022
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Hello Folks!

So I just created a welcome series SMS signup and having issues with the discount link being sent back by Klaviyo taking over 1 min to come back. I originally had a virtual card also but that caused the delay to be 2mins so I removed that already.


Great example of a gold standard here is Jaxxon’s mobile signup, the text message almost comes back instantly, sending you right back to the website. That 45-60s is going to kill the bounce rate for me.


Any solutions/anyone else experienced this?





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2 replies

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@Spark Bridge Digital LLC , Peyton, have you see anything like happen? (delay on the SMS in a flow being sent out)

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Hello @Ravi123 ,

Welcome to the Community.

While it would be ideal, we cannot guarantee that SMS or Email Campaigns are going to send every message out at exactly the scheduled time. There are always going to be some expected delays. 

In regards to SMS in particular, sending speeds vary by message type (SMS vs. MMS), recipient region, and other messages being sent at that time. There are also factors out of our control like recipient carrier network/coverage. With emails, it must also be considered that inbox providers often add to a delay as they filter through messages before actually displaying in the inbox - another thing we sadly don't have control over. 

So, given all of the above, while we are always looking to improve sending speeds, we cannot guarantee a faster sending time. We do have sending throughput top of mind so we will continue to work on improving this - I'm so sorry there's not a better solution right now though.