SMS Sign ups from sign up form not going into my SMS list

  • 13 August 2023
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Hi there! I am slowly getting my SMS stuff together, and I published my first SMS Welcome Flow yesterday. Hooray! I updated the embed Sign Up form on my website to include a spot to collect phone numbers and birthdays, and I’ve had a few people sign up. But I see that the folks who have signed up are not showing up on my SMS Subscribers List. 

I am not sure how to get the sign up form and the SMS list to talk to each other, and I haven’t found the answer scouring the help forums. Any guidance is welcome! 

Thanks, and have a great week.


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6 replies

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Hi Emerald,

Do you have any screenshots of how it’s set up at the moment? Should be an easy solve once we know how it’s set up at the moment

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Hi @Emerald Barkley 

Thank you for your question in the Klaviyo Community 😊

As @michaeljja has mentioned, this should be a relatively easy fix and some screenshots would definitely help here.

2 things I’ll suggest while we pend the screenshots - I would recommend ensuring that your SMS signups are to be assigned to your SMS list:


I would also test this in incognito yourself to ensure that when you get SMS signups and the number is entered, that it is working. It could be that these customers have simply chosen to not provide their mobile number to you at this time.



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Ahhhhhh @Kylie W thank you, that screen cap is helpful. I was looking for where to connect my signups ot my list, and I see that it is in the Submit button itself.

With that information,  I think my problem is that my fields for email, birthdate and phone number are all under the same “Submit Form” button. Like this: 

 Do I need to have the phone number on a second step to be able to collect the phone numbers onto a second list? Or am I able to have different fields go o different list under the same “Sign Up” button? 

If you need further screen shots, just let me know of what and I will grab them. 

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Emerald Barkley 

You’re most welcome!

Yes, you’ll need to collect the email’s on one step and then the phone numbers on the second step. This is because it is the ‘Submit’ or ‘Sign me up’ button action that actually links the information to List in your Klaviyo database.

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You can have different fields all in the same signup, Here’s an example of a popup rather than an embedded form but each input field has a different assigned property and are submitted once you click the sign me up button. 

Action - submit form
List to submit - SMS 

Like Kylie mentioned :)

And they could just not be wanting to disclose their mobile as it’s optional and people tend to guard that a lot more than their email. 

Step one for email and step two for mobile.

I also like having a different form for people already engaged and that offers a different incenive for the SMS. Then target people who are already in your newsletter with this form.

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Great, thank you both so much! I think I’ve got it all worked out. I hope you both have a great rest of your Sunday!