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  • 30 November 2023
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When a subscriber enters their phone number on my sms pop up located on my website, they never end up receiving a text or confirmation on the subscribing and that results in them never being able to subscribe. It says on the form that many people have submitted it, yet my sms subscriber stays the same. I have lost over 50+ potential subscribers because of this. Most likely will be moving to postscript so I do not end up losing more potential sms subscribers due to this bug.

2 replies

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Hi there @daemonjacobs


Welcome to the Community! Sorry you’ve been having SMS issues, happy to help!


If you see that the form submission count continues to climb, yet your SMS List growth is stagnant, or the number of subscribers to this list isn’t increasing, then this leads me to believe that there is an issue with the list or SMS settings. Here are some questions that can help us identify what might be going on:

  • Is your list set to Single or Double opt in? If your recently changed your list from Double opt in to Single, this could be one reason for your list growth drop off. When a list is set to double opt in, a subscriber has to confirm their subscription to your list for a second time before they are added to your list. A user could fill out your form, yet not confirm ‘YES’ after your initial SMS reach out and therefore wouldn’t be added to your list. If you list is set to single opt-in now, do you mind sharing when you changed this setting? 
  • Can you pinpoint a date where your submission to your SMS list stopped coming in? Can you think of any other changes you integrated in your account that could attribute to this barrier for customers being added to your list that coincide this time? 


Investigating these points can help us figure out a solution here!


Thanks for participating in the Community!



I recently just changed it to single opt in yesterday to see if that was the problem, but I do not think it was. People try to subscribe to the SMS list however I do not think the text ever sends since I have tried it on other devices and that seems to be the issue. I recently started having the issues around when I submitted my toll number to be verified and that was around 3 weeks ago.