SMS Welcome Flow - Do Thank You Messages Count Toward Monthly Send Total

  • 6 August 2021
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I’m in the process of setting up SMS Marketing and wondered if anyone can tell me if I include a ‘thank you’ text to those who have consented to SMS within my already existing Email Welcome Flow - Dos this text count as part of your monthly send limit.

So this could essentially use up all my monthly messages, depending on the volume of sign ups?


I couldn't see this information anywhere, so apologise if it’s already out there.




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Hi @Shelle ,


Thanks for your question and excited to hear that you’re starting to utilize SMS Marketing as part of your business! 


The initial consent message you send for marketing campaigns will set the profile as an active profile, but the message will not count as a sent message. Once a person becomes active through SMS they count as an active profile, but only the marketing messages that you send will count against your total available messages. Any outbound SMS or MMS message will count toward your allotted sends for the month. This means you pay for outbound messages that are sent via campaigns or flows. You are not charged for any inbound texts. SMS conversations count towards as well, so any message you send is billed, whether it's a campaign or a conversation.

You can read more about these details on our SMS billing page.


Hope this helped clarify and thanks for being a member of the Community!