success page doesn't display if SMS opt in is skipped

  • 24 November 2022
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So if a person adds their email the SMS option pops up. But if they say no thanks then the flyout just closes without going to the success step which tells them to check their emails.

I can’t figure out how to make this work. Did i break something when I removed the SMS option then added it back? 


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4 replies

Hey Kaila,

The ideal experience would be that if the user selects “No Thanks” on the SMS opt-in, the system recognises that they’ve filled in the email details in the previous step and skips to the success step. 

I ended up having to take the SMS step out of my sign up form and create a separate form that triggers on exit, which is not ideal. 



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Hey @Enda! What’s your ideal experience for this so I can share your feedback with the Product team?

This issue still exists. It’s quite disappointing. Very poor user experience. 

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Hey @wildeauthor 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Congrats on your first post on multi step forms!

I'm sorry to say that currently the only way a customer can see the the Success Message is by completing each stage of the form. We do store information from each step of your form so if a customer only fills out one page, any information they submit from that page will be added to their Klaviyo profile as long as they've also entered an email.

A slight workaround here is to add your Success Message to the top of your second SMS Opt-in step. This would inform your customer to check their email even if they click No Thanks on the SMS step.

Hope this helps!