Toll-free number - not verified- unable to verify business

  • 22 April 2023
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Hi There, I'm trying to apply for a toll free number but it gives me a red sign saying" not verified- unable to verify business" 
i have resubmitted a request again ensuring the correct info needed. 
could you please provide me with an explantation on how to fix it.

i'm also trying to connect my sign up form to my welcome series flow. when i test it out, I don't get any follow up text messages and my list members remain 0. 

Please help me with that as well because I want to launch my account whenever I fix this issue 

1 reply

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Hello @Oceanicbikinis,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

When you get a notification that your toll-free number cannot be verified, oftentimes it’s due to these reasons:

  1. Unable to verify business (i.e., the site is not live)
  2. Content requires age-gating or is always prohibited

These reasons are explained in greater details in our Understanding toll-free number rejection Help Center article.

In my experience, this can also be caused if your business sells products that are SHAFT, SHAFT adjacent, or can be misconstrued as SHAFT. A common one I see is if the products you sell contain hemp listed as an ingredient or material.

Regarding your flow not triggering, I would suggest taking a look through our Troubleshooting a flow Help Center article. In it, you’ll find common solutions as to why a flow isn’t triggering correctly and methods to alleviate it. 

When it comes to a welcome series not trigger, a very common misunderstanding pertains to double opt-in. Essentially, users who signup through a form, wouldn’t actually make it onto a list to trigger a flow until they’ve confirmed their subscription. I think it would also help to take a look through some past Community posts on this topic as well, such as the ones I’ve linked below:

I hope this helps!