Transactional SMS: How to Collect "Transactional Consent" Separately from "Promotional Consent"

  • 8 February 2023
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I found this, but it falls short of explaining how to collect consent separately between the two message types; promotional and transactional.


I’m asking because I’m going to allow my customers to sign up for SMS Shipment Tracking messages, using Fedex’s Track API, yet SMS messages will be delivered by Klaviyo.


Is there a best practice guide or published set of instructions for how to manage this correctly?

Or, is it one Consent box, but we add people to a “transactional” or “promotion” list, or tag the profile, and use the lists or tags to filter Users from SMS messages types that they didn’t consent to?


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Hey @Andrew.Walters,

Great question!

Because the responsibility of managing consent lies on the account holder and how widely consent regulations vary depending on your marketing region, Klaviyo doesn’t offer any specific best practices outside of our general Guide to collecting SMS consent Help Center article.

For more clarifications on what language and how to collect the appropriate SMS consent for transactional versus promotion material in your marketing region, I would recommend speaking with your own legal council. 

In most of the US for example, using separate lists or profile properties on top of clear language to inform customers of exactly what types of materials they are subscribing to is oftentimes sufficient. Keep in mind that although you’re collecting consent for two channels, unsubscribing from one, is a blanket opt out for SMS in general. This means that if someone unsubscribes from receiving promotional SMS from your brand, they’ll also need to be unsubscribed from transactional material as well and vice versa. 

I hope this helps clarifies some things!


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It clarifies things.

Maybe we’ve identified a feature gap.

I will allow my customers to receive shipment tracking notification when via SMS, and I’d hate to lose them globally if they opt out of the tracking notification.

I’ll use profile properties and lists to manage SMS preference. TY.