Troubleshooting SMS Consent via Shopify Checkout Page

  • 13 March 2024
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Hi All,


Can anyone assist me please? 

A customer makes a purchase and adds their email and SMS the the Checkout Page.

They check the ‘Text me with news and offers’ check-box and completes their purchase. The customer’s details are added to Klaviyo, but they are NOT added as a SMS Subscriber, although their phone number is clearly visable.

How or where do I troubleshoot this please?

I’m really keen on resolving this ASAP as I’m wanting to focus on developing a strong SMS Marketing Strategy & Campaign.


Thanks in advance!



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6 replies

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Hey @JMD71! Is your SMS list double opt-in? If the customer doesn’t confirm the opt in, their number will be saved but SMS status will show as Never Subscribed and they won’t be added to the list.

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Hey @JMD71 , it is very likely what @kaila.lawrence said might be causing the issue. I’d suggest you check the opt-in settings of your SMS Subscribers list. You can find this under Settings → Consent.



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Thank you @kaila.lawrence & @standoutecom. I think I’ll have to amend my settings to the Single Opt-in for now and monitor how things go for a while.

Thanks again


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@JMD71 I very strongly recommend against that for a whole host of reasons, especially with SMS. Not only do many carriers legally require it, double opt-in prevents bots, typos, and protects your deliverability by ensuring those who subscribe really truly want to hear from you.


Another reason potentially impacting your list is that Klaviyo can only collect subscribers from countries where Klaviyo SMS is available. Currently, you can only collect SMS consent and send text messages in: 

North America Europe Asia-Pacific
United States United Kingdom Australia
Canada Ireland New Zealand


Any customers located outside of these countries will not be subscribed to your SMS list.

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Hi @kaila.lawrence, I appreciate your comments, thank you!

I did set up the double opt-in but it’s just not working for some reason and Klaviyo support have not been able to help me either, which is disappointing. I have 2 main issues that are a real problem for me.

  1. The Shopify Check Out page, as mentioned at the start of this thread. When someone check the box, (see screenshot), they should automatically be added to my SMS subscriber list.

    However this hasn’t been happening and it was Klaviyo Support that has cited the double opt-in as the reason why.

  2. The 2nd issue is around SMS Sign-ups. I’m well aware of the power of SMS marketing and want to use it where possible to grow my business. I already had a two-step pop-up form on my store, but wanted to reach out to all my email subscribers. I created a campaign using simple form with an incentive for subscribers to sign up to SMS alerts. However, when trying to test it, the page loaded, but not the form. I also tried it using different devices. According to Klaviyo it’s working, but couldn’t recreate the issue. Here’s a screenshot of my view. 

    A friend contacted me last night to say they only saw my Campaign email last night, although I sent it out last week, but the form didn’t load for them either. The fact that they only saw the campaign email last night, is clear proof that SMS is absolutely necessary for today’s marketing activities. 

So I’m at a loss as what I can do, or where to turn for help.

Any advice, or assistance is greatly appreciated.



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@JMD71 Well that’s a bummer to hear! As far as the issue with your Shopify Checkout page form, default to Support’s advice on that. I’m not super well-versed in exactly how that integration functions with regard to opt-ins. If Support suggested to turn it off, then go ahead. 


As far as your SMS form, if Support wasn’t able to recreate the issue then odds are it is working as normal. They’ll know more than I will but my guess it has something to do with cookied browsers and/or your form rules dictating it not appear for existing subscribers. 


If you’re still having trouble let me know and I’ll what I can do to escalate this for you.