Unable to create flows off of sms keyword responses. "Message Body" field seems to be missing?

  • 21 October 2022
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I’ve been following this help article: as I want to be able to send personalized SMS’s based off of what our customers reply back to our SMS’s with. 


Aka, when we send an SMS asking our customers: “Do you want baking or cooking recipes?”

We want to reply back with a cookie recipe if they say baking and a chicken recipe if they say cooking. 

However, when I use the “SMS sent” metric trigger or conditional action I am unable to find the “Message Body” field that the instructions say to pull in order to respond to the keyword and track what our customers are saying. Any way to resolve this? 


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Hi @pasarup29


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to see you utilizing these SMS flow feature! 


You are correct, that the next stage of setting up this flow would be adding a flow filter for the specific keyword your customer sent in for instance: baking (for a cookie recipe) or cooking (for the chicken recipe). Can you confirm that you have already  added these SMS keyword in your SMS settings of your account? 


If so, this could be happening if the ‘Sent SMS’ metric hasn’t been triggered in your account yet. If this hasn’t happened, there would be no data to populate for filter yet. To fix this, I would trigger this event, i.e. send one of the keyword to your brand, and it should trigger the event and allow you to finish setting up the flow. It should be noted that the number you is consented to receive SMS from your brand. 


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