Virtual Contact Card - Send to Existing Subscribers

  • 29 September 2022
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Question: I added a virtual contact card to my SMS welcome flow for new subscribers. How can I send a contact card to my existing subscriber list? 



Virtual contact cards (VCCs) make it easy for subscribers to store your contact information in their phones. Once a subscriber saves your contact information, they’ll see that texts are coming from your brand, rather than a random number. Today, Klaviyo supports VCCs within flows. 

Because we do not support adding VCC to a campaign directly, you may wonder how you can send your contact info to your existing subscribers. Below are a few strategies to accomplish this:

  1. Prompt subscribers to request your contact card with a keyword.

    • Send a campaign asking subscribers to reply CONTACT (or any term of your choosing) to receive the contact card. “Make sure you don’t miss any special offers! Reply CONTACT and we’ll send you a contact card you can save.” 

    • Set up a flow triggered by the send SMS metric. Add a filter for message bodies containing ‘contact’. Note the filter is case-sensitive, so you’ll want to account for multiple variations:


  • Add a contact card to the flow (Instructions here)

  • You can additionally filter the flow to only allow it to send to recipients who received your initial campaign. This way, you reduce the likelihood of this flow sending if someone texts ‘contact’ in a different context.EnPquQciWW9zGL9M0t-l3-B7-YhMdIlpDrap_Wjhipg1W5Kmmnl__Qmunp-8vg4X-iK0iF7CQ1no1E5Ipcqlt-JOXDmv61-GfAQH8CiNjsdrB14un72LzekhYge58Cr3jmsjHsw_olxbeBIYXhU6vLf3-tmaKf4qf4AW1uitZtoP8HjvoctWpjtqsg

  1. Another option is to include the VCC in a post-purchase or other automation. This way, the contact card is being sent based on when your subscriber takes an action (starts a checkout, places an order, etc). Here’s an example:



Above you’ll see I’ve added a filter to exclude anyone who may have already been sent a VCC via my welcome flow. This way, subscribers won’t get your contact card twice.

4 replies


I used the steps above to prompt subscribers to request my contact card with a keyword, however, when I test it, I receive a message stating:


MESSAGE NOT RECEIVED. For help reach us at


Shortly after receiving that message, the flow comes through with the contact card attached. How do I avoid the “message not received” text?

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Hey @graficus,

The message stating “MESSAGE NOT RECEIVED. For help reach us at...” is typically an autoresponder when the keyword response is not recognized. 

Overall, it seems like your flow is working exactly as expected. Sounds like you simply may not have added “contact”and it’s variations as keywords to be recognized. Hence that unrecognized keyword response triggering. 

Checkout our How to add, update, or delete SMS custom keywords Help Center article to learn more about adding and updating your keyword responses. 



Hi David,


I did try adding the custom keyword but then it sends a message asking the recipient to confirm subscribing (and then shortly afterwards it send the contact card because they are already subscribed). Since these recipients are already subscribed I feel that’s confusing to the user and redundant. Is there a way to avoid that?

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Hey @graficus,

Got it,  if these were to target users who have already subscribed, you may want to turn off that unrecognized autoresponder instead of creating one. I think you’ll find the How to set up SMS flows to respond to keywords Help Center article helpful for this.