Whose number do I put in for the SMS trigger? Mine or the business location?

  • 15 July 2023
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I’m new to EM, and am helping a brick & mortar restaurant create an email list. This may seem obvious, but it’s my first time with a client and I want to get this right:

When creating an SMS & email opt in trigger, for SMS it asks for the brand’s phone number. If I am the one managing the email and SMS for somebody else’s business, who’s phone number needs to be put into this step? The business owner’s or mine? The restaurant only has a landline.


Thanks for your time!


4 replies

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Hi @Hkeen312


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to hear you’re getting started in the email marketing world, we’re glad to have ya!


The brand’s phone number is a number you need  to register for that you will use to send messages to your customers via news, updates, deals etc from your brand and wouldn’t be the business owners or the restaurant’s number. It is important to note that you will need to set up SMS in your account  before you can send SMS campaigns and flows. 


I’d check out these additional resources to grow your Klaviyo knowledge and get you started on the right track! 


Hope this helps!


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Hi Taylor, 


Thank you for your reply. I have gone through most of those steps, and academy courses, but the step I’m hung up on is step 6 on this page: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404274419355

Am I supposed to put my personal phone number and info there? I’m a freelancer so my info for those fields is also my personal information. 




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Hey @Hkeen312,

  1. Review your sending numbers.
  • For the US and Canada: fill out information to get a toll-free number. 
    • This number will be used in both the US and Canada.
    • You must fill out the following information so that Klaviyo can provide you with a toll-free number and then submit it for verification.
    • Do not send until this number is verified.
      Modal to request a toll-free number in Klaviyo

The phone number it asks for when requesting a toll-free number in step 6 of the How to get set up with SMS in Klaviyo Help Center article is the business’/brand phone number. 

If you’re working on a client’s account, I would strongly suggest removing your personal information and replacing it with the brand’s/business’ information. The information you fill out will be used as part of the account’s toll-free verification process and a point of contact should our teams require further information.

I hope this helps!


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Thank you very much for your response. That’s what seemed intuitive to me, but I wanted to be sure before I get this first welcome flow going, so thank you!