Klaviyo Support Not Responding

  • 9 July 2021
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It’s been now 5 working days to receive a reply from Klavyio support, after I’ve emailed them multiple times during the week to both their emails addresses success@klaviyo.com and support@klaviyo.com 


Anybody know what the expected timeframe is for them to respond to emails or why they would not be responding after so many days? How else is one able to communicate with them? 


It’s pretty poor customer experience to be honest and very inconvenient while I have to wait for them to action and resolve the issue I have. 

6 replies

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I can really empathize with you.

Try to hit them up on chat if it works for your time zone. I’ve had the best luck with that.  Also, try growth@klaviyo.com if the topic is specific to growing your revenue/database, etc.

Good luck. 

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Thanks for the reply @SherylBiesman 

I don’t have a paid subscription at the moment as Klaviyo support messed up my account and since then aren’t responding to any emails. They only provide live chat to paying customers (which is not at all useful) so I’m stuck with email, waiting to see if and when they decide to respond. 



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Ahh. I understand. I suggest upgrading to their lowest level just so you will have the ability to chat. I believe it’s as low as $25. 

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Hi @Kapi,

Thanks for raising your concerns and apologies for the delay! Could you provide a little more context around the issue you are experiencing with your account? Hoping I can help to answer your questions!

Have a nice weekend!


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Hi @julie.accardo,

I had two Klavyio accounts connected to my email and one of them was a test account with literally nothing in it and no integrations, while the other was the live one that was in use and had all the data, integrations etc. The live account was the only one integrated and connected with my store.

Support somehow removed the wrong account and instead of removing the test account they wrongly removed the live account. To be honest it makes no sense to me why one would do that when one can see the account had data etc in it while the other had nothing in it and was not even set up in any way or used at all.

Anyhow I’ve been asking for the live account to be added back please with all it’s data, templates, segments lists etc, because the empty test account is of no use. Everything is in the live account that was removed. 

It’s already been a week now and nobody has bothered responding to the multiple emails that I’ve sent, which is very frustrating and inconvenient, let alone very unprofessional. 

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Hello @Kapi,

I want to apologize for the inconvenience this delay has caused you and also thank you for providing those additional details pertaining to your situation. 

Since this issue pertains specifically to your Klaviyo account details, our support team would be the best channel to work with in order to resolve this matter. To assist, I’ve gone ahead and shared this case with our Support team who will be following up with you directly to gain further information from you regarding your account, and to provide next steps towards a resolution. 

Thank you for your patience and for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!