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Multi-Account Setup

  • 1 October 2020
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Multi-account is a feature built for clients who want to integrate multiple stores in Klaviyo using one login. To use this feature, you need to create a separate Klaviyo account for each store using the same email address and password. This allows you to track each account without having to log out and log back in using a separate email address. Rather, you can toggle between accounts through the switch option on the upper right of their account.

The multi-account feature also extends to your team. Any member on the team can be added as a new user to multiple accounts with their primary address. Once added, the team member will have the ability to toggle between each account on the upper right corner, similar to how the account owner would toggle.


Learn more about Multi-Account User Privileges here


5 replies

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I use this and it’s super handy. The thing I hate about it is when I need to share assets like shared Starred blocks between accounts. I need to go into the original email, then save as a template. The go to the template and clone into the other account. The go to that accounts template folder, the. Open that and click Star on the block(s) that I want. Then finally I can go into the email and insert the Starred Block. 

it would be so great to be able to manage Stared Content, so you could edit and clone from this section. I also feel because you can’t edit them they get messy as you have to recreate from the original email. It would also be amazing to be able to build more complex starred blocks, eg my footers need to be done in one image as I can’t star multiple images and drag them into other emails.

Perhaps someone uses a better system. 

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Yeah this tool saved me a TON of time when setting up our UK account. I was able to copy over all flows, templates, etc. and setup the whole account in a day. Agreed that copying over blocks and data feeds would save some more time. But I was able to save the few blocks I need after bringing over the templates. 

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Thanks for the feedback, @brightstarkids! We’re glad to hear that the multi-accounts feature has been helpful for you. You make a really good point about the ease of use for saved blocks across accounts, since the existing workflow can be rather complex, as you mentioned. I passed along your specific feedback here to our teams so that they can assess it further!

Similarly, thanks @Mitchell Chapman for sharing your thoughts on this as well! We’re glad to hear that multi-account helped save you time to set up another account, and appreciate the feedback on blocks and data feeds. 

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Thanks Cassie! It would be great to see this improved!

Has anyone been able to connect multiple e-commerce platforms to one Klaviyo account successfully?

Use case for reference

Type of business: Wholesaler with product catalog of 10K+ SKUs.

  • Website 1: BigCommerce platform and has all 10K SKUs avail for purchase
  • Website 2: Shopify platform with 10 niche products, which are also avail in Website 1’s catalog
  • Website 3: WooCommerce platform, running BigCommerce Plugin with 50 niche products from Website 1, which may overlap with products from Website 2 as well.

The goal would be to give users a tailored and personalized email shopping experience based on where they purchased, while layering additional data points to better identify top sellers. This helps to decide which of the best selling products can be spun off into individual niche sites, while aggregating all of the data under one main Klaviyo account for cross-promoting across the different selling channels.

The opt-in terms and conditions reflect all the details of where marketing may come from for compliance purposes.

Toggling between multiple accounts will silo the user data versus aggregating shopping behavior for better targeting and product sourcing, so it’s not a good option.

Any ideas?