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  • 6 February 2024
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Hey there

I just set up a new branded domain for my client.

I ran a test with mail-tester and I see that it misses many things included DKIM, DMARC, etc.

But I actually noticed that I didn’t update the sender email address.

Is that email adress : ?

(I followed Klaviyo’s instruction to set this up and its all good, it worked as you can see below.

When I was sharing a domain, my email adress was :

But is my new sender email adress is : ?




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3 replies

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Hey @Steve0603, do you mean updating your default sender email address? This would still be (using your root domain). Refer to our step by step guide below that shows how to update all your settings for the new DMARC policies!



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Thanks for your answer @kaila.lawrence 

What I mean is, 

In Klaviyo, when you want to create a branded domain, Klaviyo tells you to create an email adress “


Is that new adress that I have to add to my default senser email adress ? 

Or I have nothing to do and keep : ?



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Okay@Steve0603! So remember we talked about the difference between an email address on your root domain and a branded sending domain before in this previous thread:

To be clear, a subdomain such as is NOT the same as a username at your root domain, such as


An email address has the @ symbol which signifies it’s an inbox that directs to a specific user. What you showed me above is your branded sending domain, which is already active and connected. Klaviyo is not asking for email address (with an @ symbol) there.


I’m still a little unclear what exactly you’re trying to change and where, but anywhere you need to input an email address with always be on your root domain, NOT the branded subdomain:

  • ✅ DO this:
  • ❌ NOT this: 


Does that answer your question?