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  • 22 February 2023
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Hi I have just imported my email list from Mailerlite and sent out my first campaign via Klaviyo. But there are no stats showing fro revenue? I know I have sales from this campaign because they were using a special discount code that's only in the newsletter.

I have also looked at some of the profiles that I know have purchased from me but the stats also show no purchases. Is this because I imported my data and Klaviyo doesn't have access to historical information?

But I would really like to know who purchased and abandoned cart so I can send a retargeting email.



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Hey there,

2 things you should keep in mind during ESP migration:

  1. Ensure migrating not just your customers, but also the blacklisted data (bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints, etc.) for suppression on new ESP.
  2. Warmup the sub-domain (dedicated sending domain) on Klaviyo with your most engaged audience with a slow and low approach, to build a strong positive sender reputation.

Now to answer your question - since you have already imported all your contacts from ML into Klaviyo, there wouldn’t be any historical revenue data since KL hasn’t tracked the conversion yet.

If you’d like to retarget or send engagement campaigns from KL, you would have segmented the audience onto ML first and then imported the segments into KL, if that makes sense.

Lastly, make sure the conversion tracking is setup properly so that KL can track and report the conversions accordingly. Here’s the resource on message conversion tracking for your better understanding.




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Thanks, I think this answer made my head hurt!

What do you mean ‘ warm up sub domain?’ 

I think I must have been too keen, because I just did a basic import from ML of all my list warm/cold/non and buyers because I never segmented or made flows in ML before. (why I wanted to start new on KL)


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Ohh! I didn’t have any intention to hurt you by any means ;)

So, back to the question - basically when you migrate to a completely new ESP (in this context Klaviyo) or may be using a new sending domain, you have to build up a strong sending reputation with the various ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo,Microsoft, and alike) where your subscribers have their email addresses.

In simpler terms, warmup is a pivotal process that can make or break your ability to successfully reach your customers with your email messages.

So, if its not been done yet, it must be managed strategically and patiently, if that makes sense.

Other levers like list building, list segmentation, list housekeeping practices, will play an important role in establishing a high reputation and deliverability.



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thank you!

oh right, well safe to say i have not done that, and I’ve never heard of doing it!  

So this is why maybe all my open/click rates could be down on my previous campaigns in ML?

Can you direct me to more information about how to this and what strategy to use? I am about to really start pushing my emails so i’d rather start ‘properly’ in KL instead of reverting back to ML which is very tempting!

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Great suggestions by @inboxingmaestro.  Jumping in the conversation thread here, but take a look at this guide in warming up here:

There’s also some good threads in the community here:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @loubiblu

Are you running on shopify or another ecommerce platform? If you are running on shopify please make sure that the integration is setup correctly and not giving any errors. If you are not running on shopify please change the placed order metric in the top right to the one frmo your ecom platform.


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Hi @loubiblu ,

Happy to help guide you how you can setup the right foundation for deliverability and improve email performance. Would you like to hop on a quick call to talk further -