Only seeing WooCommerce Metrics being sent to Klaviyo for some customers

  • 31 August 2022
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Hi All,


Might be a simple question / answer but any reason why we would be seeing limited metrics for some customers using a WooCommerce site?


For example, this is a test account on site, tracking mixed standard Klaviyo events and Woo events:



This is a customer browsing, similar period, only seeing the Woo events come over:



This is obviously going to limit the traffic moving through the flow’s we have setup, any advice or reason why we’d only be seeing Woo only metrics and not the standard browse / basket / active etc...


Checked the install via the web tracking drop down in Klaviyo, seem’s to be picking up the script;  

Is this a cookie thing? i.e people not accepting cookies on site but still using the store? I don’t manage the WooCommerce platform but work with the developer.


But if there are any other checks I can do my side or pass on let me know!


Thanks in advance,




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2 replies

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Thanks for the reply / confirmation on this, much appreciated,






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Hey @Jason Stainton 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thank you so much for reaching out about the data from WooCommerce.

You are 100% right, it’s most likely a Klaviyo cookie thing. If a browser does not accept our cookie it will not allow Klaviyo to use the web tracking javascript to get the additional information you see in other profiles. The customer could also be using a third party plug in to block any website tracking. We also have a WooCommerce AMA (ask me anything) going on right now. Feel free to drop any other Woo questions you might have: 

Hope this helps!