Shopify Sales by Traffice Referrer and Klaviyo

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Hi Everyone,

Admin - Sorry if this is in the incorrect sub-forum. I believe this is analytics question however it could also be Integration. 


I did a search here and couldn't find anything similar. On my Shopify site under Reports > Sales by Traffic Referrer I am not seeing Klaviyo. The only thing I can see that is similar would be Email (Referrer name Gmail). However, this does not match the Klaviyo side.

Anyone have experience with this before? 



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Hi @Arwin_S,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo community.

I have seen this issue appear before and Shopify support had to to assist further (as it had to do with an error on their reporting dashboard, our UTMs were set up just fine in this scenario). Assuming up until this point, that the UTMs are being appended to your email links, that in theory should be reflected as “Email” under “Summary” rather than “Direct” and with “Klaviyo” as the referrer name (as you suggest). I’m happy to take a look at the UTMs you’ve set up in Klaviyo if you’d like a second set of eyes on those. You can review more general information on Shopify’s help center here as well.

You may want to consider sending over a short video to Shopify’s support team (of you clicking through the email and tracking that in their reporting dashboard) to help streamline a solution. If somebody else was able to resolve within their Shopify instance and can provide further steps here, that would be great to hear as well.

I hope that’s helpful.


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Hi @Dov,


Thank you for the response. Yes please a quick review our UTM would be most appreciated. See below screenshots.

The Shopify brand UTM is setup as default. However, I have also included a WooCommerce brand of ours UTM as it differs.  Wondering if the changes in the UTM tracking would yield more beneficial results in terms of reporting (in particular Google Analytics, WooCOmmerce Analytics, ETC).


Shopify Brand


WooCommerce Brand


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Hi @Arwin_S.

Thanks for sending over those screenshots. It looks like you have a “standard” setup for your UTM parameters in Klaviyo - no issues there.

I’d recommend speaking to Shopify support to better understand how this data is being reflected in their dashboard. It appears that they’re unable to display Klaviyo conversions in their dashboard but I’d check with them to verify if there’s another workaround. If you’re looking to track this using another platform, I’d consider Google Analytics (or simply use Klaviyo conversions).

I hope that’s helpful.