Why are my Started Order and Placed Order metrics not tracking after I placed an order?

  • 4 December 2021
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I just recently moved to Klaviyo from Omnisend and set up everything already, disabled Omnisend plugin in WooCommerce so it won’t fight with Klavyio.

After I tried to place order from diferent emails, browsers, phones, computer..I just don’t receive order confirmation email.  Moreover when I check metrics for “Started Checkout” and “Placed orders” it doesn’t show any data.

Also when I confirmed order I didn’t receive email that order was shipped.


On “Activity feed” data also only shows I visited certain product but that’s it.


I’m also using filters to send confirmation order for people who place order in Slovenian language and in English language for people outside Slovenia. Never had problems with that filters and emails with Omnisend so I doub’t this problem is on my end.

I’m using WooCommerce and my email flow’s were already confirmed.




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5 replies

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Hi @BlazJ


Welcome to the Community! We are so glad you’re here. Sorry to hear you were having metric-tracking issues! 


If you ever notice your integration is not feeding data correctly back in to Klaviyo, it could be an indicator that your integration isn’t healthy. Additionally, these issues could be stemming from having a one-page checkout process.


A single-page checkout event does not get tracked by default because of the lack of steps your customers take to checkout and the way Klaviyo tracks checkout metrics. A single-page checkout does not gather any prior information before the checkout, but only has the following options: complete Checkout or exit the Checkout page. Klaviyo tracks the Started Checkout event when your customers switch from the first Checkout page (usually customer email address, mail address, telephone number etc) to the next page (which is usually the Billing/Payment Information page). 


In order to have the metric tracked correctly, you can take one of the following paths:

OPTION 1 - Change your WooCommerce theme to one that includes a 2-page Checkout


OPTION 2 - Install a plugin such as Cartflow, to enable one-page Checkout processes to be tracked


OPTION 3 - Add custom coding to your WooCommerce theme in order to pass the Started Checkoutevent to Klaviyo via API:


It should be noted that this will be the most difficult of the three as it will require custom coding and is very susceptible to error. I would reach out to your dev team or a Klaviyo partner if you want to follow this path. Please also refer to this article to set this up: Integrate a Platform Without a Pre-built Klaviyo Integration


The code specified to create a custom Started Checkout event is: 

<script type="text/javascript">
_learnq.push(["track", "Started Checkout", { "$event_id": "1000123_1387299423", "$value": 29.98, "ItemNames": ["Winnie the Pooh", "A Tale of Two Cities"], "CheckoutURL": "", "Categories": ["Fiction", "Children", "Classics"], "Items": [{ "ProductID": "1111", "SKU": "WINNIEPOOH", "ProductName": "Winnie the Pooh", "Quantity": 1, "ItemPrice": 9.99, "RowTotal": 9.99, "ProductURL": "", "ImageURL": "", "ProductCategories": ["Fiction", "Children"] }, { "ProductID": "1112", "SKU": "TALEOFTWO", "ProductName": "A Tale of Two Cities", "Quantity": 1, "ItemPrice": 19.99, "RowTotal": 19.99, "ProductURL": "", "ImageURL": "", "ProductCategories": ["Fiction", "Classics"] } ] }]); </script>


For more insight into Understanding your Woocommerce Data, I’d recommend having a peak at our Help Center Documentation! 


Thanks for your participation in the Community! 


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I just instaled plugin that added multi step checkout and after quick test I still don’t see it in metrics.

Could it be I have wrong settings on trigers or not having any at all?  But I’m sure I havent change any of that.

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Hi @BlazJ


Happy to walk through this with you! 


Do you mind confirming which option you took and sharing a screenshot of what you see, or rather don’t see, in the metrics? That might be able to give some insight into what is going on here! 


Additionally, do you mind outlining your workflow for the  the ‘quick test’ you took? 



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I have started checkout and left site on diferent browsers, PC, mobile and this is what I see now in metrics.

This is how triger is set up.



Also again I see order confirmation email is not send if someone wants to pay wia bank transfer rather than with credit card. Since most of our customers pay with credit card it’s not so big issue right now.

Hope we can find fix for all that before I change my mind and go back to where I was.

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Hi @BlazJ


Thanks for sending these screenshots, they were pivotal in diagnosing what is probably happening here. 


This is definitely not expected behavior after installing the plugin and triggering the event. I suspect it may be due to some integration issues as previously mentioned. I recommend reaching out to our awesome support team as they will be able to offer more insight into your account and verify if integration issues are the culprit in this situation. 


Thanks for sharing your problem with the Community, I know this conversation will be helpful to other users who might have a similar issue in the future!