Adding personalization into subject lines

  • 19 July 2023
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I would love the ability to add personalization into my subject lines but as it stands there is an emoji button and a button to use the AI wizard but no “add personalization” button.

  You can add personalization but it means going into the email editor creating a text block adding the personalization there Cutting it, deleting the block and pasting it back into the subject line and that creates a lot of opportunities for human error.

Does anyone else use personalization in subject / preview text and what workarounds are you using?


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I personally use the Template tags and variable syntax reference page with the Command+F or Control+F to find what I’m looking for.

Hope that helps, please let me know otherwise :)

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Thanks @stam_marko I have not used that page before and its a good thing to have bookmarked, but it does still require a secondary source to copy and paste from - I have made my own little Notepad of the common fields I reference with the “Default” text already filled in.

I do think a simple button though would be helpful like in the email editor itself (and like many other EDS have)



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That’s true! I rarely use any other tag than first_name in subject lines to be honest, but I could certainly improve that moving forward.


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Hey @dgibbs and @stam_marko,

Really loving this discussion and suggestion of including an easier way to reference your variable tags for subject lines. I’ll route this feedback upwards to our product team to explore further! 

If you were looking to input a custom profile property to the email, I would also just keep in mind that the variable format would always be the same. I.E. {{ person|lookup:'CUSTOM PROFILE PROPERTY' }}

This way, so long as you know (or have an example profile pulled up) you can manually type out the variable - or just keep that format saved in your notepad. I actually do the same thing 😁



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Thanks for sending this to the product team @David To! I’m in agreement the subject line field could benefit from having a more direct manner of selecting pre-formatting personalization variable tags. It would be even better if the AI subject line generator was tied into that so it could automatically add more personal data to subject lines.