Anyone figure out how to recommend highly personalized products based on zero-party data (e.g. a quiz)?

  • 6 September 2023
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Hello. I have a question about getting data into Klaviyo for more personalized product recommendations.

For context, we’re building a Shopify app that uses a special kind of campaign to generate and share dynamic quizzes. So, for example, for Halloween you could automatically generate a quiz like “Are You a Skincare Witch or a Moisture Mummy? Find Out Now!” in a few minutes to your lists, on your site, social channels, etc.

Your customers would take the quiz and get timely product recommendations along with other preference data you could use for follow-on marketing campaigns.

Klaviyo has some built-in options to make recommendations:

But how to we send this new quiz data to Klaviyo to make even more personalized recommendations?

I reviewed the Klaviyo docs on this, but see no obvious way to do this.

The preference would be an option like: Personalize based on “Products a customer may like based on quiz results” where we either 1) give Klaviyo the customer preferences to recommend the products or 2) we just send the specific recommended products for that customer (where our own AI LLM does the recommendation) to Klaviyo based on the responses.

But second best would be to add preferences in tags or some other meta that Klaviyo gets, assuming Klaviyo’s built-in AI can consume those.

Klaviyo’s CDP launch make me think something like this may be available now, but I’m still trying to figure it out. Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone done something similar?


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5 replies

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@popsmash I love that this is something you’re in the process of developing. Agreed your ideal scenario would be the most helpful outcome, but it would likely require the brand to add extra metadata to products in Shopify, and Klaviyo could theoretically reference that to “personalize products based on quiz results”


Meantime, I’d encourage you to look at the capacity to create custom profile properties, and update those values via Popsmash integration with Klaviyo, similar to how Typeform data can sync and enable segments to be created based on submissions.


It would then be a somewhat manual solution for your customers to ID their own product recommendations as custom product feeds based on certain quiz outcomes, but they could easily segment people into quiz follow-up flows using the custom properties passed from your quiz to Klaviyo. That would most likely be how this could be accomplished without requiring a product change from Klaviyo… You could leverage the existing product blocks, and the brand’s custom product feeds could be selected based on quiz results.


Anyone else have thoughts on this interesting idea? @In the Inbox @Akers Digital @Omar @retention @Ashley I. @chelsgrove @KatherineB @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @Brett_Gatsby @Bobi N. @Kylie W @inboxingmaestro 

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@ebusiness pros Thanks so much for the suggestion and feedback!

We are going to look into the custom properties route and as well as how our merchants might be able to sync a custom catalog feed to make this as easy as possible.

This is the outcome we wish were possible, maybe we can get there eventually:


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@ebusiness pros Thanks for the shoutout - I agree with the Profile Data that you mentioned, but I would say as an added feature it should also fire an event (Metric) to Klaviyo whenever someone completes a Quiz with all the quiz results and recommendations (if any) as part of that event data payload.

That way, they can build metric-triggered Flows, as well as complex Segments like:

  • Completed Quiz in the Last 30 Days
  • Completed 2 or More Quizzes All time
  • Completed a Quiz, but Did not Place Order

Having the data as an Event lets you build these aggregated rules.  Also, for Shopify and most platforms, passing in the Product ID is usually sufficient since they can use the Catalog Lookup for other elements of the products (like the Product Image, Title, Price, etc).



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@retention Great idea about the custom event! I totally agree. Thank you!

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Ahhh YES @retention good call. My sleep deprivation this week is showing lol. @popsmash having relevant custom events is a huge value-add. Having the capacity to configure automation logic around events AND custom properties is the sweet spot.


Fingers crossed your ideal scenario is possible one day! @Brian Turcotte maybe you could pass this to the developer team please? 🤞🏼