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  • 29 January 2021
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Hi friends,


Question: Is it possible to add a link in a campaign email that when clicked automatically adds a profile to a specific product back in stock flow?

Context: I want to send a campaing telling my customers about what’s coming next (new releases) and it would be great to have a button on the email for a back in stock subscription.


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3 replies

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I do not think it is possible because you would not be able to predict the specifications of the product.


For example, if you sell T-shirts and you have 3 sizes (S, M, and L), you need to include 3 buttons to know exactly what they are looking for.

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Hi @AndriyBoychuk ,


Thanks for your help. That would not be a problem for my store. I sell books and I use the Back in Stock to gather attention on upcoming titles.


I would send a campaign telling customers about an upcoming title and would tell them they have the option to ask for a reminder when the book is available. My guess is that it would be much more effective if they could subscribe to the flow just by clicking a button, rather than going to the store and clicking the “Let me know when the item is available” button.

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@vitbarreto Another approach to consider is you can set “properties” on a link click.  So, if you setup the link properly for each product link, it can update a custom property like “product_interest = XYZ” where “product_interest” is the custom property name, and “XYZ” is the product value. 

Then, when your product XYZ is back in stock, you can simply build a segment of people who’s custom property “product_interest” is “XYZ” and send a targeted campaign to those folks (repeat for each product).  It’s certainly not as automated and elegant as the Back In Stock Triggered Flow, but might be a workaround.

See here for how to do this:

Include Ratings Links or NPS Surveys in an Email

The example in the documentation walks you through a “NPS Survey” - but it can also work for any custom property.