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I’m interested in creating a browse abandonment flow, but my team is concerned about the user experience. Their primary concern is that we’re being too blatantly obvious that we’re tracking the products our customers view, and that they might not like that.


I’m wondering about the experiences others have had with this. Have you had negative customer feedback or elevated unsubscribe or spam rates after implementing a browse abandonment flow? Any suggestions on how to test this flow on a small audience or how to AB test it after it’s up and running are welcome!

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The concerns are understandable.  I’ve seen this type of flow do well for some brands and not so well for other brands.  As always, do what’s best for your brand by testing, testing, testing :)

You can limit the risk by applying a flow filter.  You can do it based on collection, product or a random sample of subscribers.  For the Random Sample, you can adjust how many people you want to restrict it to based on a % (see screenshot below).  Hope that helps.  If you do try it out, please report back here.  Would love to hear how it went. 



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Thanks a bunch! I didn’t realize there’s an option to limit this to a random sample.

What kind of key metrics would you keep an eye on to measure this test? I imagine keeping an eye on unsubscribes, as well as seeing how open rate, click rate and revenue perform.