Cancel scheduled email in a flow

  • 29 September 2022
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Hi Team, So I created a new flow, added the first email. I then manually uploaded the contact list to which the flow goes. I then made the first email in the flow live, backpopulated it and off it went. There was a time delay set for three days.  I just added a second email to the flow yesterday, made it live and went to backpopulate it but it won't send out despite being live. That email seems to be scheduled but I don't recall scheduling it! Very frustrating as its time sensitive. Can anyone help with this? How do I cancel the scheduling for that particular email in the flow and just send it right away?

Many thanks, Kylie


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@kylie can you just change the time delay for now? And then once all are sent, set it back to the original?


Hi @chelsgrove I tried everything I could including cloning the flow but now it’s returning an 403 error