Condition to stop double-up emails across multiple flows

  • 13 February 2024
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Is it possible to create conditions across different email flows that have the same emails to stop people from receiving the email twice? 


Ie a Welcome flow, the customer will enter it as either a purchased or non-purchased customer and if they haven’t purchased they’ll move through the same 3 email welcome series. But if they then purchase at a later date, I don’t want them to receive the 2nd half of that series twice. 


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Hi @AKG,

This depends on what trigger you are using - if you are using “add to list”, then even if the customer purchases at a later date, they won’t enter the flow again, because they have already been added to the list.

An event trigger can cause a person to enter a flow more than once, and you can exclude customers by adding a filter that says “has received email zero times over all time where [flow name or ID].”

(I’m not 100% sure I have the order correct on that logic, but it’s something like that)

You can also add that filter to your welcome series, if that would give you more peace of mind.

If you haven’t read it yet, this article may be helpful.

Best of luck!

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Hey @AKG 

@JessFosnough is 💯 correct! It really depends on how you are triggering your flows. Jess already provided the Help Center doc to understanding how flow triggers and filters work but just wanted to help make this clear and validate what Jess has already shared. Usually a Welcome Series flow is triggered when a customer is added to a list. Customer can only go through a list triggered flow once and will not be able to re-enter the flow once they exit it. So you wont have to worry about anyone receiving these emails more than once. 

If you are using a metric triggered flow (ie Placed Order) Jess is spot on, you can add  a conditional split based on What someone has or has not done > received email  zero times over all time > email name or ID.

Happy marketing! 


Wow what a helpful community, thank you @stephen.trumble @JessFosnough !

I used Klaviyo’s template Welcome Series - Customer vs Non-purchased customer to create this flow, with a conditional split of Has purchased to differentiate which 1st email in the welcome flow they receive (slightly different language based on whether they’d purchased). But they are all in the same list (MASTER ACTIVE).

So you’re saying that a trigger event could mean that they enter the flow twice (ie if they purchase) but to add a filter Has received this email zero times over all time. Would I add this to the very first welcome email split, or before they move to the 2nd email in the flow (3 emails in flow in total speaking about community benefits)?

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Hi @AKG,

If the trigger is that they are added to the list, then they won’t be added a second time to the flow, so you don’t need the filter. But note that if you want to apply this flow to a list that already exists, you will have to back-populate the flow, as only new additions to the list AFTER the flow is created will enter the flow. This article has more information than I can explain here.

If you don’t want to back-populate, you can clone the flow and make the trigger a new list, then add everyone to that list.

Hope this helps!



Thank you @JessFosnough! its a new business and we haven’t launched yet, so the list (or any profiles) doesn’t exist yet, so we won’t need the filter then! Thank you!

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That’s good to know, @AKG! Best of luck with the business!