Creating more than two trigger splits based on product purchased.

  • 19 April 2024
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Pls, How do i create this type of Flow on Klaviyo?


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Hi @Blessing Joy!

Would you be willing to explain a little more about where you’re stuck? This type of flow is definitely possible with Klaviyo, using conditional splits.


- Brian

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Welcome to the community @Blessing Joy 

A @Brian Turcotte  says, this is possible.

From what you've shared, I've assumed:

  • The first 'split based on # of purchases' is over all time
  • The second 'split based on product' is relating to the products in the placed order trigger of the flow

If so:

If there is little difference between email 1a, 1b etc, I recommend using a block or section with display logic configured to show that block to the relevant contacts. That way you only have one initial email with dynamic content.

If you need to keep those as individual emails, I'd approach this with email 1a, followed by email 1b, followed by email 1c, followed by email 1d. Then add an additional filter to each email. For example,  the additional filter for email 1a would be 'What someone has done (or not done) Placed order equals 1 over all time; for email 1b would be 'What someone has done (or not done) Placed order equals 2 over all time etc. So, if it's a customer's first order they get email 1a and will skip the others etc. Example flow below with time delays which are required.

The 'split based on product' would be a trigger split with its conditions based on products in the placed order trigger.

Note that customers enter this flow each time they place an order, so you will need a profile filter on the trigger or an additional filter on the emails to prevent them from receiving duplicate emails if they place another order while already in the flow.

Let me know if that helps.