Do we need to send less campaigns in the beginning especially when the account is still warming up?

  • 8 April 2022
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Currently we’re sending 1 email every workday and gathering 40% + open rates and 0.9% CTR. Our goal is to send daily campaigns (30 campaigns/month). Is it ok to do that now? Because the account is still warming up rn.


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You should definitely wait for the minimum 2-week warm-up period to end before you start your full-fledged campaign strategy.

I also recommend trying to improve your open and click-rate during this time. 40% open is only slightly above average, and 0.9% CTR is quite a bit below.

During these two weeks, you want as high as possible Open and CTR, even if that means sending to an even smaller, more engaged segment, and fewer times per week.

When starting a new account for a client or transferring them into Klaviyo, I shoot for 70% open and 10% CTR (or more, for both) during these first two weeks.

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Hi @nambirajanks


Thanks for sharing your warming question with us! 


I would echo @DavidSandel’s advice to wait as this period is critical to building your sender reputation. It’s considered best practice to not rush through the warming process or start sending regularly too early. 


I’d also suggest checking out these helpful conversations on warming/deliverability to gain more insight into this! 


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